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TRU groups in schools can consist of a few students or a large group of students. They can choose how they want to provide education and outreach to students in their schools.  They can offer one activity or event or several throughout the year.  They can request support from members of the TFYC coalition who can provide education, resources, and assistance with their activities. An adult advisor needs to be assigned to lead the group and register online.  Please contact Leah Neiderer to learn more and register your group. Leah can be reached at (717) 851-5805 and

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Ideas for TRU groups include setting up an educational table and handing out information about tobacco prevention  during lunch, at a school fair or at a school event.  Writing articles or creating posters about tobacco prevention in your school. Inviting tobacco prevention speakers to present to a class or several classes to discuss the dangers of vaping and using tobacco products.  Create your own ideas to prevent and stop tobacco use in your school and let us help you make a difference in your school.

Also all registered TRU groups can attend awesome youth conferences in the fall and the spring for free with scholarships available to cover the cost of transportation. 

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Vaping Information

On November 15, 2019, 53 students from four schools throughout York County attended the first ever York County Tobacco-Resistance Unit Youth Conference.

Spring Grove Middle School, Spring Grove High School, Northeastern High School and Kennard-Dale High School students spent the day learning about the vaping epidemic:

  • Ingredients

  • Health effects

  • Peer pressure

  • Marketing tactics aimed towards youth

The afternoon ended with each school creating an anti-vaping campaign to share with their school districts.

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Northeastern High School

November 2019


Spring Grove High School

November 2019


Spring Grove Middle School

November 2019

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