Providing Tobacco Cessation Services

Partnership members, health care partners and community members come together to provide individual and group cessation services. Programs consist of 6-8 sessions where a trained facilitator works directly with participants to develop an individualized quit plan and achieve a tobacco-free lifestyle.

Promoting tobacco-free events and environments

In 2016, City of York – Bureau of Health developed and purchased smoke-free event posters to be used at community events designated as “smoke-free.” These posters, which are available to community groups hosting an event, serve as a reminder for event participants to respect the health of others by having a smoke-free atmosphere.

Additionally, partnership members provide assistance in Young Lungs at Play (YLAP) (a program aimed to create tobacco-free parks, playgrounds and recreational areas for children) policy development and implementation at schools, playgrounds, libraries etc. Once the policy is developed, official YLAP signs are provided, free-of-charge, to be displayed.

Providing educational opportunities

Working with Partnering Organizations, Tobacco-Free York County strives to provide tobacco prevention education and to promote cessation services by participating in health fairs, school outreach, community events and other forums of discussion.



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