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Clearing the air on vaping

Vaping is a new form of smoking which utilizes modern technology to vaporize fluid fed into what is referred to as an e-cigarette. The vaping trend has taken hold among many of the younger members of our society. While and E-cigarette lacks many of the downsides of a traditional cigarette it still contains nicotine, making it highly addictive. In addition to containing nicotine, using E-cigarettes involved the inhalation of smoke or vapor which can cause long term damage to the lungs with extended use. Currently vaping devices and E-cigarettes are not yet regulated by the FDA, making them easily accessible to minors.

To spread the awareness regarding this issue, Eat, Play, Breathe York hosted a panel to discuss the harmful effects of vaping. The panel took place March 17, 2016 at William Penn Senior HIgh School. In attendance was parents, community leaders, schools, elected officials and health professionals.

The panelists consisted of Janise Bankard, American Lung Association's Tobacco Control Community Coordinator, State Representative Kevin J. Schreiber, Marie Drawbaugh, WellSpan's tobacco cessation specialist, and Dr. Kathryn Palisoc, Hospitalist at Memorial Hospital. The panel was moderated by Dr. Matthew Howie, Medical Director of the City of York - Bureau of Health.

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